Letter from the Founder

Built For Us

Athletes are the heartbeat that pumps a global multi-billion dollar industry.

Yet we own a very small piece of it. For most of our lives we have been shut out of the business side of the game. And some of that has been by design. Although we have dedicated our mornings, afternoons and nights to the game most of us fell in love with at an early age many of us are left lost to fend for our own when the game ends for us.

Too many of us lose the game after the game.

We are so consumed and blinded by the goal of being the best during our playing days that we sometimes fail to see living our lives beyond the lights. It’s hard to recognize our potential and influence beyond the playing fields and courts when you’re so focused on securing the chip.

And along the way we’ve entrusted those who have never walked in our shoes to take care of us, nurture us, mentor us and handle our careers. Promises were made. And they were quickly forgotten. They went on to the next while we went on to nothing.

That ends today. I created Wevolv to disrupt the sports industrial complex. Players come first in this new universe. An exclusive ecosystem consisting of tried and true elite athletes with experiences from around the world will guide, push and hold each other accountable. We give and we take. No handouts. We feed each other.

We become the people we’ve needed all our careers to support us. We’ve been evaluated our whole lives. And those who did the evaluating never played at an elite level. Maybe not even played at all. But they sure made money off it. We’re going to turn the tables on them. Imagine a place where coaches, agents, camps, teams, leagues, players, financial advisors, lawyers, accountants and more are evaluated only by elite athletes who have been there and done that. Who knows better what’s best for us than us?

It’s about having a say and taking control of our own destinies. Cause without us there is no sports industry. We are more than just the talent. It’s not about things being only one way but imagining a new way formed from our collective experiences, knowledge, connections and finances.

I never want to see a pro athlete end their career broke. I never want to see a pro athlete struggle through mental health issues alone. I never want to see a pro athlete feel like their purpose in life is over once they stop playing. We don’t know our value. For too long we’ve allowed others to dictate our value to not just the industry but to us.

Wevolv is about elite athletes claiming the power that we never thought we had. Built by us for us.

We deserve more than we can imagine.

It’s been time.

Wevolv is here.

Athletes together to win.

Jori Davis is an accomplished global professional basketball player. The New Orleans-native has played pro in five countries. She completed a standout career at Indiana University as the 10th all-time leading scorer at the school and was drafted 33rd overall by the Indiana Fever in the 2011 WNBA Draft upon graduation. She is currently in her ninth pro season playing for Basket Costa in Italy.

Jori Davis


For elite athletes who must unlock their maximum potential on and off the field of play despite a heavy lack of information and mentorship, Wevolv is a private,  social networking platform that provides unparalleled access to authentic resources that allow athletes to take ownership over their own careers.

Unlike, other athletic based social networking  platforms that are currently on the market we offer lifelong access to an elite society that provides mentorship and validated resources that guide athletes through their personal, professional, and athletic journeys.